What is AI?
Hey, Siri. What’s AI?

We’ve all seen the movie “I, Robot” (if you haven’t we recommend you do), right? But does AI mean the world is doomed to a future where robots rule and run free? We don’t think so.
That said, AI is indeed a suite of technologies enabled by predictive power and capable of exhibiting some degree of autonomous learning. As a result, AI drastically improves our ability to recognize patterns, in turn anticipating future events, and to make good decisions by creating good rules and effectively communicating.
That’s a lot to take in. Simply put, this means that AI holds the potential to cause a paradigm shift in the traditional economy by augmenting the intelligence of the human workforce. This will altogether generate new kinds of value, and will fundamentally reshape existing operating models.
For companies, AI is the gateway to the future - adopt or be left behind at your peril.

Why invest in the AI industry?

It is no secret that AI is a hot topic, and rightly so. AI is being applied across a growing number of technologies, with seemingly endless applications.
Many of the world’s tech giants have identified this trend and are looking to be at the forefront of AI innovation. For example, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) relies on AI across almost every area of its business. Furthermore, Microsoft, IBM, Google and Samsung have all submitted thousands of AI patent applications. Clearly the tech industry has identified AI as a major driver of its growth in the near future, and for quite some time thereafter. AI means efficiency gains and better products and services - the benefits simply cannot be ignored.
Once certain regulatory and ethical hurdles have been overcome, there’s little evidence to suggest that the global economy will adopt a path other than one that is characterised by widespread adoption of AI.

What’s in this Bundle?

If you want to be smart about investing in the AI industry, you have to thoroughly research, analyse and understand the background of the individual businesses within the AI industry while also staying on top of the latest regulatory updates. That's where things start to get complicated and time consuming.
This is where we come in.
We offer you access to a diversified investment Bundle that provides broad exposure to the AI and robotics sector through an industry-leading exchange traded fund (ETF).
This is the Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thematic ETF, which includes companies from across the AI ecosystem. The companies included in the ETF focus on high-growth potential sub-themes including: industrial robots and automation; unmanned vehicles and drones; non-industrial robotics; and companies delivering artificial intelligence as a software, product or system, more broadly.

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