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Biotechnology is simply technology based on biology and is by no means a new phenomena. For thousands of years humans have tapped into the biological processes of microorganisms to produce useful products. Heard of bread and cheese? These are some of the earliest forms of biotechnology.
Fast forward thousands of years and biotech has once again thrown a spanner in the works by harnessing nature’s own toolbox. Our genetic makeup is the hammer that drives targeted lines of research in health sciences, helping to heal the world. Fermentation and biocatalysts are the modern Henry Ford, facilitating great advancements in streamlining chemical manufacturing processes. Not to mention that biotech improves insect resistance and herbicide tolerance of crops. Thus, biotech may become the vehicle that feeds the world through its ability to greatly improve sustainable farming practices.
All jokes (and puns) aside, modern biotechnology provides breakthrough products and technology to combat rare diseases, personalise medicine, reduce environmental footprints, feed the hungry, and have safer and cleaner industrial manufacturing processes.

Why invest in the Biotech industry?

Investing in biotech is siding with the good-guy, the hero, the Deus ex Machina, if you will. So powerful is the work being done by the biotech industry.
Biotech companies conduct some of the most important and ground-breaking medical research that not only prolongs lives, but saves them. As a result, the industry has been subject to increased interest and significant market growth, given the possibility for extraordinary gains.
In 2018, biotech represented a $417bn global industry, with ongoing positive annual growth projections of 8.3% for the next five years.
As governments increasingly look to facilitate biotech initiatives, and agricultural demand increases in line with a growing population, demand for innovative biotech solutions is projected to continue to grow.
Overall, potential biotech applications are seemingly endless. As the industry continues to lead the pack in terms of innovation, biotech holds the potential to become an essential, integrated part of the functioning of the economy.

What’s in this Bundle?

If you want to be smart about investing in the biotech industry, you have to thoroughly research, analyse and understand the background of the individual businesses within the biotech industry while also staying on top of the latest regulatory updates. That's where things start to get complicated and time consuming.
This is where we come in.
We offer you access to a diversified investment Bundle that provides broad exposure to the biotech sector through an industry-leading exchange traded fund (ETF).
This is the HAN-GINS Indxx Healthcare Innovation UCITS ETF, which includes companies from across the biotech ecosystem. The companies included engage in ground-breaking work in the following sub-areas: robotics; nanotechnology; genome sequencing; healthcare tracking; biological engineering; bioinformatics; neuroscience; and medical devices.

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