When you unlock the benefit of a dedicated account manager, your account manager will send you an email to introduce themselves to you. You can then contact them directly at any time between 08:00 and 17:30 GMT+2 and they’ll be here to help you with anything you need, except financial advice.

When you create an account with us you’ll automatically be enrolled in our Stocknodeglobal Rewards program and you’ll start earning Points when you an investor join through your link

At Stocknodeglobal , safety and trust are our most valuable assets and we do whatever it takes to protect our client’s funds and identities.
We utilise multiple security protocols with best in class protection by partnering with specialist custody providers. Additionally, we utilise two-factor authentication and keep client funds in cold storage (offline wallets) across multiple vaulted locations to mitigate security risk.

If you wish to add someone else to your account, you must transfer the shares in your individual account to a joint account. Unlike publicly-traded investments, the investments on our platform are highly illiquid private investments that require a significantly more complex share transfer process, which can take several months to complete. For regulatory compliance, transfers are processed through Computershare, our third-party transfer agent. Transfers through Computershare generally require the submission of detailed paperwork and a medallion signature guarantee.

Oil investors receive an allocation of Intangible Drilling Costs (IDC), which includes everything except the actual drilling equipment. These expenses are deductible in the year incurred. Oil Investors can deduct tangible drilling costs, those costs directly related to the cost of the drilling equipment, as long as they are depreciated over seven years.

A well site producing hydrocarbon fuels as part of the oil & gas industry.

Investors obtain percentage ownership in the drilling operations whereby the investors derive income from the production of oil & gas..

In order to invest with Stocknodeglobal oil sector , you must be an accredited investor. Your net worth must be at least $200,000+, excluding the value of a primary residence, either individually or jointly with a spouse. You must have an income of $30,000 or more as an individual or $50,000+ joint income for at least two consecutive years and a reasonable expectation of reaching the same income level in the current year.

There are no lock-in periods at Stocknodeglobal , so you can sell your investments and withdraw from your account at any time once you have a minimum of $50 in your account.

All of your Stocknodeglobal withdrawals are processed automatically. Withdrawal times depend on your exchanger which can take 3-5 minutes.

We cater for professional and non-professional investors. At Stocknodeglobal , we believe that all investors deserve a simply-delivered yet sophisticated level of service and security, equal to the experience they're used to when investing in other financial securities such as stocks. We want to revolutionise the way we all view, understand and invest in digital assets.

Stocknodeglobal is incorporated in the United Kingdom and United States of America.

Stocknodeglobal is an investment platform that partners with different reputable global exchanges to get the best prices, without compromising security for our users.

We use an advanced Know-Your-Customer (KYC) provider that makes use of artificial intelligence to verify your details. Most of the time they make life very easy but sometimes they get stuck. If your application is rejected, don't worry, you will be able to resubmit your application by clicking on the "Retry Verification" button from the email you received, or by visiting your profile . Some common reasons for your proof of ID not being accepted are:
* The document was reported lost or stolen.
* The document has inconsistent information, such as:
1. The type of document uploaded is not the same as the one you selected. e.g. You selected Drivers license and uploaded a scan of your passport.
2. Information such as your name, gender, document number, nationality or expiry date doesn't match the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) on your document.
* The document is a photograph of a screen, a photocopy, or is a screenshot.
* The document appears to be digitally tampered with.
* The document shows signs of photo alteration.
* No face was detected in the document.
* The document is in black and white. It should be in colour.
* Information on the document is obscured.
* The watermark on the expected document is missing.
* The document has been cut, damaged or has punch holes in it.
* The front or back of the document was submitted twice.
* The document is too dark.
* The document is obscured by glare.
* The document is too blurry.
* The photograph in the document is covered.
* The document is damaged. (cut, torn, water damage etc.)
* You are under the age of 18 or 21 depending on your jurisdiction.

User Security
Stocknodeglobal operates with strict internal security practices with the aim of keeping your assets safe. It is important that you take additional precautions to ensure that your account is only accessible by you. Unauthorised access to your account puts your account information and its balances at risk. Common types of unauthorised access
* Account takeovers: We use your email address and phone number for communication with you, so it is important that you secure your mobile phone and email address. If someone gains access to these accounts, it is possible that they could gain access to your Stocknodeglobal account.
* Phishing: Phishing is when you are tricked or convinced into revealing personal information about yourself that can be used to answer security questions. Phishing can take many forms, for example:
* Emails: You may receive an email that appears to be from Stocknodeglobal but was actually sent by a scammer, asking you for information or leading you to a fraudulent website. Please check the origin of any emails that appear to come from Stocknodeglobal .
* Phishing sites: These websites are set up to look like Stocknodeglobal website, but everything entered there (like your username and password) gets recorded so that criminals can access your Stocknodeglobal account. Please always ensure that you are visiting https://Stocknodeglobalfinance.com . The best way to ensure you never access a phishing site is to always manually enter the website and verify the URL https://Stocknodeglobal.com once the site has loaded.
* Phone scams: Someone may call you, pretending to be from Stocknodeglobal , asking you to provide your username, password, and/or other information in order to access your Stocknodeglobal account.
* SMS / instant messaging scams: In this case, a criminal will send you a message purporting to be from Stocknodeglobal and prompting you to share your username, password or other information, or to select a link.
NB: Stocknodeglobal never asks our users for personal information, email addresses, passwords or other identifying data via email, phone or SMS.